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Matunga Gujarati Club was established in the year 1939 in a small room by some respected gentlemen for the development of cultural activities and to foster the feeling of brotherhood amongst the Gujarati residents of Dadar, Matunga, Wadala and Sion area. At that time the Club started it’s activities with a gymnasium, indoor games like carrum, table tennis, chess, etc.. The Club was also having a card room and a free reading room. The Club was registered under Companies Act in 1947 and was made a Limited Company. With the passing of time and increase in the activities of the Club the need for a bigger place was felt. With the active support of Late Shri Bhavanji Arjan Khimji, Late Shri B.N. Maheshwari and other luminaries of that time, the Club purchased from Bombay Municipal Corporation the present plot of land admeasuring 3200 sq. yards in a prominent locality in Matunga.It was having a big open ground and two old buildings from which the Club started running its multifarious activities such as Gymnasium, Card Room, Library, Marriage Bureau, Karate classes,Accupressure Training Classes, organising Medical Camps and was also supplying hospital equipments such as surgical cots, wheel-chairs, commodes, bed-pans, urine-pots, infra-red lights etc. without any rental charges to the needy people. The Club was also organising the cultural programmes. With the open ground facility available, the Club started out door games like badminton and volley ball. The Club gave a few rooms to Matunga Gujarati Stree Mandal which was doing yeoman service for the uplift and betterment of women in general and Gujarati ladies in particular. The Mandal was running kindergarten for the children and knitting, embroidery and sewing classes for the ladies to make them proficient in these arts so that they can contribute whatever little they can in their family income. Taking into consideration the humanitarian work the Mandal was doing, the Club was collecting a nominal rent of Rupee One from the Mandal.

The need was felt for a bigger place to accommodate all these activities and also due to heavy expenses required to repair the old buildings, it was decided to construct a large building to bring all these activities under one roof. The foundation stone laying ceremony of the present building was performed on 31st December 1965 by Late Shri Bhavanji Arjan Khimji,the ex President of Bombay Pradesh Congress Committee under the leadership of Shri Liladhar Pasoobhai Shah, the then Member of the Legislative Assembly, Shri B.N. Maheshwari, J.P., Shri Ravjibhai Ganatra, who later became the Mayor of Bombay. The plan of the building was prepared by the famous architect Shri Shashikant Chhapia of M/S V.K.Chhapia & Company. The building got ready in 1972 from where the Club is now running its multifarious activities. The first floor of the new building was given tro Matunga Gujarati Stree Mandal on a nominal rent and to generate more income the basement and the portion of the ground floor of the building was leased out to Dena Bank. Originally it was planned to have an auditorium on the back side of the building but Municipality refused to give permission and hence to augment the financial recourses which were already strained, the same was leased out to Sahakari Bhandar.

Just like any human being, the institution has also its good days and bad days The Club passed through very bad days from 1980 to 1993 having financial difficulties. It was fortunate that during this difficult time a very dedicated ,sincere and capable man like Shri Maneklal V. Savani was at the helm of its affairs who steered clear the boat of the club through the stormy waters.

The new Managing Committee elected in 1993, as a first step, enrolled 400 new Life Members and cleared all the arrears of income tax dues, revised the old lease contracts with Dena Bank, Sahakari Bhandar and Nataraj Enterprises who are the lessee of the Club. Simultaneously the Committee put in herculious efforts to renovate the whole premises. The Club was equipped with most modern air conditioned Health Club with upto-date gymnastic equipments, steam, sauna and Jacuzzi, Yoga-Aerobics Hall, Air-conditioned Halls, Restaurant and Roof Garden. The inauguration function on grand scale was held on 20th January 1996 which was attended by large number of people prominent amongst which was Shri Ashok V. Mehta, the past director of Lions International.

Since then the Club has not looked back. It has made tremendous progress in its activities. With the improvement in the financial condition of the Club, the committee started planning new projects and now the Club is having an air conditioned Card Room, Members Lounge and Seminar Centre.

Besides this, Club organises many entertainment programmes for the members during the year and hosts grand dinner for the members and their spouses on its foundation day, 1st June of every year and breakfast on Dhan Teras and dinner on Holi-Dhuleti evening- all free of costs. To cater the finer taste of its members who want the best and also to encourage the art and the artists, the Club is very fastidious and choosy in selecting the programmes and thus endeavors to maintain the highest standard of quality. The Club takes special care to give Philip to Gujarati culture and as such organises special prpgrammes of Bhavai, Folk Songs and Dayras.

The Club is having beautifully decorated multipurpose air-conditioned halls , a Seminar Centre, beautiful Roof Garden and air-conditioned restaurant.

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